Our consultants can assist and work with your in-house teams  to proactively mitigate risk head-on in a pre-production environment to analyze and identify significant changes to the system prio to go-live or on a steady support after go-live environment.

If you are:

  • Deploying Maximo for the first time?
  • Applying patches and/or upgrading Maximo from a previous version?
  • Implementing a new configuration release of Maximo (e.g., changes and/or adding major functionality)?
  • Moving to a new hardware (e.g., adding more server horsepower, adding 3rd party hardware such as load balancers) and/or software platform (e.g., Windows to Sun, SQL Server to Oracle)?
  • Adding more transactional load due to increased utilization (e.g., users and/or interfaces)?
  • Concerned about how your end-to-end infrastructure will scale to provide adequate availability and performance in support of Maximo?

Qualtech Systems will assist you in addressing any risks through various mitigation strategies to ensure a healthy system performance environment and deliverable thus reducing your costly measures to address those issues, or even result in  failures

Our consultants have experience in consulting, planning, and executing Maximo Performance Testing.  Our clients in the Performance Testing arena include Archer Daniel Midland, Genesis Solutions, Michelin, etc

We bring Maximo performance and optimization expertise with market-leading load testing software tools such as Rational Performance Tester,  HP LoadRunner, Test Director, etc.

Our Maximo Application Performance Testing strategies are:

  • Working closely with your team to thoroughly understand the Maximo system configuration and architecture
  • Define and develop a “Maximo workload model” that consists of business processes (e.g., Work Order, Purchase Order, Reporting, Inventory, etc.) with transactions that represent anticipated transactional load and behavior
  • We utilize the "Maximo workload model" to develop load test scripts and scenarios
  • The load test scenarios are defined and aligned with the load test objectives (e.g., need to scale up to 500 concurrent users with ‘adequate’ performance and availability, followed by a "stress" test to see where the system peaks.)
  • Our Consultants deliver onsite execution of Maximo load test scenarios.
  • Scenarios are staged, executed and data collapsed to Load Generators where synthetic load is generated from.
  • We then review load testing results, recommend system tuning (if necessary), and rerun the load test to validate the recommendations
  • Maximo workload model will consist of business processes each containing multiple transactions and SQL scripts to emulate current interface transactional load.
  • Our Load test scenarios will consist of calibration runs, baseline, and unlimited load tests
  • We provide Load test debrief and report