Maximo  Integration Services
The integration of Maximo with other enterprise applications like financial and human resources software enables management access to data required to make key business decisions. How data is managed, shared, validated and displayed is dependent on defined business strategies and proper Maximo configurations. Our consultants have extensive experience with associated business processes and major ERP products and have developed interfaces and Maximo integration solutions across several software platforms and industries. Our integration solutions include:

  • Specify Integration Requirements
  • Develop Specifications
  • Design Integration
  • Validate Integration by testing
  • Validate Business Rules

Our experienced group of consultants provide numerous service in the integration of Maximo with various ERP, ETL, and CRM external systems
Involved Software:

  • Maximo (versions 5.x, 6.x, 7.x)
  • Oracle
  • SAP (FICO, MM, SRM/R3)
  • Informatica ETL
  • ARM Scheduler Tools
  • Primavera
  • and any other external systems within your organization

Maximo Enterprise Adapter “MEA”:
Integration between Maximo and External Systems is carried using Maximo Enterprise
Adapter “MEA” for Maximo version 6.x and Maximo Integration Framework 'MIF" for Maximo version 7.x.

MEA/MIF enables rapid integration of Maximo data/transactions with other external systems and provides ready-to-run out of the box integrations between Maximo and selected modules that are typically integrated with
Maximo such as General Ledger, Purchasing, Work Management, Inventory modules, etc.

The MEA/MIF is a set of applications and predefined integration points that help you to integrate Maximo with external systems and create business flows between Maximo and your other enterprise applications

The MEA/MIF facilitates data exchange between Maximo and external applications or systems in a real-time mode. Data is exchanged via interfaces, each of which acts as a communication channel between the external system and one or more integration
points (points of data exchange) in Maximo. Java procedures perform the integration processing within the MBOs, and users can customize the processing through Java user exit procedures. Our consultants specialize on interface table data exchanges utilizing our diverse skills in developing PL/SQL Stored Procedures to enhance pre-processing and post-processing of transactional and historical data between the enterprise

Data that Maximo receives from external systems is inbound data. Data that Maximo sends to external systems is outbound data.