Maintenance Consulting

Maximo Functionality Analysis
Qualtech Systems can assist you achieve your objectives by focusing in the following areas:


  • Maintenance, asset, and supply chain management processes alignment
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Regulation Reporting
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Emergency, Corrective, Preventive Maintenance
  • Operating within your Maintenance Budgets
  • Asset Failure Diagnosis & Condition Monitoring


  • Maximo Upgrade Planning
  • Maximo Performance
  • Maximo Integration
  • Maximo Data Integrity
  • Maximo Rules Manager/Data Restrictions
  • Maximo Security
  • Maximo Administration
  • Maximo Reporting
  • Maximo Add-on Product and/or Industry Solution Implementation


  • End-User Maximo Training
  • End-User Acceptance of Maximo
  • Maximo End-User Experience
  • Maintenance, asset, and supply chain management organization structure

Maximo Support Services/Levels I, II & III Support Services
Our Maximo Support Services involve:

  • Ongoing support of systems and software maintenance activities required to ensure system performance and reliability
  • User and administrator problem resolution
  • Ongoing assessment, configuration, migration and change management activities as required.

Specific Maximo Sustainment includes:

  • Guidance for software maintenance patch and version upgrades
  • Administrator & User defect/problem resolution support
  • Guidance for any ongoing assessment, configuration, migration and change management requirements.

Our Consultants can provide Maximo administration and support services either on site or remotely from offices.

Best Practices/Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Our Business Solutions team will take a hard look at your specific maintenance practices, and help you select the right measures for effectiveness. Our team will analyze the data and business processes in all of your critical areas and recommend specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs will get everyone in your organization focused on a set of common goals, and will also give you the ability to benchmark your results against other company sites or industry metrics. Our proven methodology will help you align your organization to the company’s overall goals

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