Physical Walk Down, Asset Tagging and Labeling

Physical Walk-down, Asset Tagging and Labeling

Do you have a need for a complete physical walk-down, asset tagging and labeling to identify all of your assets, but simply do not have the resources to make it happen? We know that this process can be very time consuming and labor intensive. Our maintenance engineers are experienced in physically walking down assets, collecting nameplate data and ensuring the right data is entered into your system.

Our team not only physically verifies all of your critical asset information, but also makes sure that enrichment data from the OEM such as preventive maintenance schedules, PMs based on asset data history and bills of materials (BOM) are entered into the solution. Leveraging past experiences, our team uses efficient and productive processes that not only minimize the time it takes to collect this data, but also ensures that the data quality is of the highest integrity. We will help you save money and time in this process. Working together we will efficiently identify a comprehensive equipment list, properly account for all of your assets, and enrich your overall asset data.


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