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Data Engineering

Data is one of the most essential elements of a successful implementation. From physically walking down assets to capturing the asset information to high-level data analysis, our maintenance consultants have years of experience that they will bring to your project. Together we will make sure that the quality of your data meets system functionality requirements, exceeds industry standards and contributes to achieving your goal of operational excellence. Work with us to identify, streamline and normalize your content to ensure that the precise data you need is at your fingertips when you need it.

Document Management Services

Data Engineering Management Services will control the life cycle of documents in your organization— how they are created, reviewed, published, and consumed, and how they are ultimately disposed of or retained. With our document management software experience and operating processes, we provide a scalable, complete solution for your company, small to large.

We know that an effective document management solution specifies:
- What types of documents and other content can be created within an organization.
- What templates to use for each type of document.
- What index fields, or "metadata" to provide for each type of document.
- Where to store documents at each stage of a document's life cycle.
- How to control access to a document at each stage of its life cycle.
- How to move documents within the organization as team members contribute to the documents' creation, review, approval, publication, and   disposition.
- What policies to apply to documents so that document-related actions are audited, documents are retained       or disposed of properly, and content important to the organization is protected.
- How documents are converted as they transition from one stage to another during their life cycles.
- Which documents are treated as corporate records, which must be retained according to legal requirements       and corporate guidelines.

Data Engineering can customize the features that implement these aspects of document management. We will ensure that our solution for your company’s needs will deliver any document, anytime, anywhere, subject to the controls appropriate to each document type.


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