Our Experience

Our seasoned Business Solutions team has hands-on industry experience with several of the largest government and Fortune 500 companies in North America. We understand the issues you are facing today, and you can leverage our extensive technical and cross-industry experience to implement best practice methods that are used not only in your industry, but also in other industries. From implementation services to training, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Our Clients

The list below represents a sample of  clients that we have already helped.

* ADM(Archer Daniel Midland)/Genesis Solutions
* Amtrak
* Southern Company
* Georgia Power & Electric Company
* British Petroleum (BP)
* Signature Solutions/Accenture/Michellin
* Williams Energy
* Duke Energy/Alltech Systems
* KBR/APEX Systems
* Citi Group
* MODIS Consulting
* Constellation Energy/Baltimore Gas  & Electric Company
* KForce
* EconoSoft/Disney
* Quadras  Corporation/EDI
* Tanisha Systems, Inc.