Leverage Best Practices to Drive Operational Excellence

Manufacturers of railroad equipment have expanded their role beyond design and build to include operate and maintain. Their primary goal of achieving high reliability and availability is one that they do not take lightly. Achieving this goal requires operators to effectively maintain not only the moving assets like locomotives and passenger rail cars, linear assets such as railways but also facility assets which include maintenance depots and passenger stations. These operators implement Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions, and work with industry experts to obtain the most value from these implementations.

Qualtech Systems understands the rail industry, and knows how to leverage Maximo to increase operational value. Our industry experts recognize that in order to increase profits you must streamline existing maintenance processes, and efficiently maintain your diverse portfolio of assets including moving, linear and facility assets. From setting KPIs and tracking service level agreements to implementing EAM solutions, Qualtech Systems has been there and can help.

Our Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) experts have improved asset-related decision making, increased asset reliability and decreased inventory costs. In addition, they have focused on enhanced component analysis and equipment rebuild decision making for organizations just like yours. Our vast industry experience covers many areas including EAM upgrades, implementing best practices and adherence to The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and DOT guidelines. Contact us today to find out how we can drive operational excellence, and add immediate value to your organization.

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